Die Dolomiten, ein verzauberter Ort für Ihren Sommer- und Winterurlaub in den Bergen.

Via Spinale 37b - 38086 - Madonna di Campiglio (TN)
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Wintereröffnung 29. November 2019
Winterschluss 13. April 2020
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The Dolomites were declared a Natural World Heritage by UNESCO on the June 27th 2009 and therefore a part of the 189 most beautiful places in the world. Everybody, who at least once has been in these wonderful mountains, agrees it. Compared to other mountains they are brighter, more colorful, more monumental and seem to be architecturally inspired.

Formed 200 million years ago out of the primeval ocean, today they reach up to 3,000 meters into the sky.
Its name derives from Deodat de Dolomieu (1750 - 1801) who discovered and defined the unique composition of the stone/rock.

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Größtenteils bewölkt, mit kurzen Aufheiterungen
T min.5°C - T max.9°C
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